Teachers Training Program

Teachers Training Program


SDPS, Pitam Pura organised a Capacity Building Workshop for all teachers teaching on the topic “ Best Practices in Art Integration”. The Workshop was conducted on Wednesday, 15th March 2023 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. under the able guidance of the key resource persons Captain Rekha Kapoor, Head Mistress, Army Public School, Agra and Dr.Reetika Bhandari, HOD Chemistry from GHPS, New Delhi.

The main aim of the Workshop was to acquaint the teachers with the various forms of Art that can be incorporated in the Classroom teaching for providing advanced educational experiences to the students. The Workshop primarily stressed upon the teachers to evolve themselves with the ever changing dynamic environment of today which requires vibrancy and enthusiasm in the Classrooms where the students are engaged as active learners. This is possible only when various form of Art Activities.ranging from Music, Painting, Dramatics, Puppetry, Story Telling are integrated with the subject areas. The teachers were given Hands on Experience of various art activities that can be conducted in the classrooms.


A capacity building programme was organised for all teachers on 7 March 2023 on LEARNING OUTCOMES AND PEDAGOGY. The resource persons were Dr. Namita Singhal Principal Venkateshwar Global Sector 13, Rohini and Mrs. Neera Kohli CBSE resource person for Pol. Science and Social Science. The workshop was from 8 a.m to 4 p.m. The workshop aimed at giving importance to learning outcomes than to the objectives and see that they are achieved at the end of the delivery of the content. Very useful pedagogies and experiences were shared by the resource persons along with hands on activities for the teachers. It was a fun filled, enriching workshop to assist teachers in the teaching learning process.

AWAKEN CITIZEN PROGRAM– Enabling Session for Teachers

Twenty teachers from S.D. Public School, Pitam Pura attended the Virtual Workshop on “ACP “on 4TH March 2023 from 10:00 am to 11:30 am.along with the Principal Ms Anita Sharma.

A beautiful program of awaken citizen has been conceptualized by Ramkrishna mission that works on the belief of the role of teacher as a facilitator in character building of students and discovering their true potential.

Our school is the part of this program since 2015 and had been nurturing our student’s active sub conscious mind like gardener treating saplings. ACP resource persons Ms Sunanda and Ms Shatrupa gave a quick run through the program with the focus on the basic process of facilitations to invoke the universal and unique capabilities of students. Ms Suchira moderated the session. This workshop will greatly help the teachers to plan modules for the new session.


An Initiative for Teachers

Three teachers from our school Ms. Chetna Verma, Mr M.D Sharma and Mr .Anil Kumar attended the Greening drive initiated by Government of Delhi and Forest Department on 28TH February 2023 from 3pm to 5:30 pm.

Mega plantation event chaired by Hon’ble Chief Minister Delhi -Sh. Arvind Kejriwal, was organised by the Dept.of Environment, Forest and Wildlife, Govt. of NCT at Bella Farms, Yamuna flood plains, on a very grand scale. Around three thousand teachers participated in this event under Green action plan 2023.

SAFAL(Structured Assessment For Analyzing Learning.)

SAFAL (Structured Assessment For Analyzing Learning.) Pilot program was arranged by CBSE from 16 January to 23 February,2023 for which our school was also nominated. Under this program online assessments were conducted by CBSE for all the students of class 5 and Class 8.

Ms Gitanjli worked as "MASTER TRAINER" for Delhi west zone schools and provided training sessions to the assigned schools and worked with CBSE RO office team of Delhi West zone at Mangolpuri.

‘Bharat Ka Itihaas’

Mr. Bhupendra and Ms.Archana attended the seminar on ‘Bharat ka Itihaas’ which was conducted on 23rd December 2022 at ASN senior secondary school, Mayur Vihar. It was organised by principal Swarnima Luthra and chief guests were Dr.B.K Tripathi and Dr.Atul Kothari. The seminar was very informative and enriching. The main focus was to impart the rightful knowledge to coming generations about the rich culture and heritage of India, learning through observations and need to bring change in pedagogical approach, and improve the site of our glorious past and contribution of India towards *Vasudev Kutumbakam* thought of India which is the need of the hour.

Content heading: ECO NEXT MEDIA TALENT CHALLENGE –Orientation for Teachers

Our teachers Ms. Chetna Verma ,Ms. Gitanjali Goyal ,Ms. Stuti Goel attended the workshop on “ECO THEATRE “ on 14TH December 2022 from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm. along with teachers of other schools of Delhi.Teachers from Eleven different schools of Delhi attended the workshop and interacted with great enthusiasm with the experts Mr Nipun Kaushik and Mr Rakesh Khatri from ECO ROOTS FOUNDATION. The objective of this workshop was to connect educators with students to invoke interactive ideas for immersive scenario building to create media which could be a comment or a narrative of problems, issues and challenges of ecosystem, biodiversity and environment and lead to thinking of solutions for the same.

The workshop included on the spot skit presentation activities and group discussions on the theme given. The workshop was really quite interactive and engaging.

ICT Embedded Pedagogy

A two days hands on workshop by Dr. Pankaj Arora was held in four sessions on 13 and 14 December 2022. It was attended by Ms Priti Chugh, Ms. Jasleen Chaggar,Ms. Nisha Sharma, Ms. Devupasna. The inclusion of ICT in education was emphasized for effective delivery of content switching from PCK to TPCK. Gadgets that can be used in the classroom and the way we can troubleshoot glitches and breakdowns in equipment was taught. Software tools like Canva, Adobe illustrator, latex were given hands on exposure. Availability of online tools and e-resources was also stressed on. Above all, how we can make our own website using Google site was a great learning experience.

Sustainable Air Quality - Project-SAMEER

IIT, Delhi organised two days workshop on “Air Quality Sustainable “ on 7 and 8 November 2022 from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm. The following teachers from S.D. Public School, PitamPura attended the workshop.

Ms. Sneh Ahuja, Ms. Sonia Bobal, Ms. Chetna Verma, Ms. Surbhi Goel, Mr. Pawan Maurya

Teachers from eleven different schools of Delhi attended the workshop and interacted with great enthusiasm with the experts. The Key motivation of this initiative was to connect educators with Air quality experts, technology partners, regulators and scientists. The workshop included “ Hands -on activities, group discussions on air pollution’s health effects, Interactive sessions to build lesson plans to enhance educator’s classroom preparation, Fun with gamification and other innovative pedagogical tools. The workshop was really quite interactive and opened up new horizons for school educators.

Enthusiastic Involvement of Academicians

In pursuit of Happiness

New Year 2022 started on a unique and intellectual note where all the teachers were asked to read a chapter from ‘Even Happier ‘_a gratitude journal by TAL BEN-SHAHAR. It was a great collective reading experience held virtually on 3rdand 4th January 2022 where teachers talked about the main idea in the chapter read by them and implementation of it in classroom and in individual’s life . Mr Ajay Marwah ,P.G.T Mathematics ,moderated the interactive session. The principal Mrs. Anita Sharma gave a befitting finale by summing it up and appreciated the teachers’ contribution to complete it with wonderful interpretations and remarkable ideas. The input given by each teacher was an eye-opener and it will go a long way to make teachers’ and students’ life happier.


Ms. Deepika Vadera, Art teacher attended 2nd NATIONAL DIGITAL WORKSHOP ON 'REVIVAL OF INDIAN MINIATURE ART' FOCUS: LADAKH on Sept 17, 2021 to Sept 20, 2021.

An ancient art form by the name of Thangka Art was discussed during the workshop.Moreover how the glory of this ancient art form be restored and how it can be introduced to the young generation was the core topic of discussion.

REFLEXOLOGY: A Workshop to Cure Body and Mind Issues

The school organised a workshop on Reflexology, the art of using acupressure points in our body to keep us healthy on 21 June 2021. The workshop was taken by Prof. Umesh Arya who is a trainer, life coach, healer and corporate trainer. The trainer shared the knowledge of acupressure points to cure body and mind issues.

Process Orientation Training (POT) Programme on Child Centric Disaster Risk Reduction (CCDRR)

Disasters threaten the lives, constitutional rights and needs of the children worldwide. In past three decades India has faced devastating disasters. During these emergencies, children are especially vulnerable to diseases, malnutrition, and violence and trafficking. Keeping in view the increasing vulnerability of children from climate change and natural disasters, National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM), Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India has established “Child Centric Disaster Risk Reduction (CCDRR) Centre “to mainstream child centric activities through Training, Research, Advocacy and Consultancy. Our school organised 3-Days Online Process Orientation Training (POT) Programme on Child Centric Disaster Risk Reduction (CCDRR) intended for Trainers/ Teachers/ Professors/ Faculties of State level Universities, Colleges, Schools, Administrative Training Institutions and civil society trainers to help build their knowledge, skills and perspectives towards child centric disaster risk reduction. This training helped officials understand and prepare for risk informed planning, sectoral readiness, and preparedness for emergencies so as children are not deprived of basic amenities.

This training programme was scheduled for 3 days, based on e-learning module covering 2 hours each day during the programme.

Energy Building Workshop : The Energy Way

The faculty members attended Energy building workshop" The Energy Way" for three consecutive weekends starting from 24th July till 08th August 2021. The purpose was to strengthen the thinking ability, health, quality of life of teaching community. The key speaker was Dr. Udit Sharma. Through an Urja Namaste, teachers were able to raise up their physical as well as mental energy levels. The teachers felt rejuvenated after attending the workshop. They further transported the increased energy levels to their students thereby igniting in them renewed passion and an undying spirit to accomplish their goals.


The staff members and students of the school attended an online workshop organised by Youth Awakening Mission(YAM) on enhancing immunity from 17th May 2021 for five consecutive days. Some health tips based on Ayurveda and Acupressure were shared daily by the expert which was followed by demonstration of some wonderful yogic postures and pranayam by the members of Yuva Abhyuday Mission with the explanation of benefits. The program concluded with prayer and precious words from Dr. Pawan Sinha' Guru ji' which enhanced the self confidence of all the participants.

‘Moving From Learning to Learnability’

Global Talk Education Foundation (A Training and Assessment Unit under MSME ( Govt. of India) organized a webinar on 13 October 2020 which was attended by 21 Staff members. The resource person was Shri G. Balasubramanian, Former Director Academics, CBSE.The webinar focused on understanding learnability, factors influencing learnability, triggers for enhancing learnability and the role of teachers in balancing learnability with efficiency.

'Khelo India' online PE and Community Coaching Programme

Mr. Hemant Sharma ( PT teacher) attended 'Khelo India' online PE and Community Coaching Programme (Batch-3) held from October 12, 2020 to November 7, 2020. It was organized by Sports Authority of India, Lakshmibai National College of Physical Education, Thiruvananthupuram, Kerala, India,under the aegis of 'Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India'. He received online certificate after completion of training.


Mr. Hemant Sharma, Yoga teacher attended the International webinar on Sports Culture in India on 5 and 6 June 2020. It was organized by the Department of Physical education of AURU University. The resource persons were Dr. Vishwanath Sunder, Senoir Sports Bio Mechanists, National Institute of Sports Malaysia, Dr.Nita, Head and Director,Dept. of Physical Education, University of Kalyani, West Bengal, Dr. Kapil Dave, Dean, Physical Education and Sports Welfare Indore Institute of Science and Technology, Indore. Many stalwarts from different countries of Asia and Europe participated in this webinar.


Ms.Rajni Bhatia,Ms. Madhu Goel and Ms. Preeti Chugh participated in the National Webinar on 'NEW-ERA TEACHING PEDAGOGY: CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES' organised by St. Xavier's College, Nevta, Jaipur on June 5, 2020. The webinar focused on the challenges faced in the field of education during lockdown period and the ample opportunities this period has provided to everyone .


The faculty members attended a webinar on 25 May 2020. The topic was Self Development to help all students and teachers in developing their better self no matter what our age is. It was organized by Fairgaze. The Resorce person told about how development is a necessary step for building a bright career and personal wellness in these changing times.


All staff members attended the webinar by Dr. K.K. Aggarwal on ‘Precautions to be taken as parent and as teacher post lockdown period on 20 May 2020. Dr. Aggarwal guided the teachers on the necessary precautions to be taken while going out and told about the neccessary life style changes that are needed by everyone.

'Practicals on Applied Mathematics Using Spreadsheets'

Ms. Rajni Bhatia and Ms. Priti Chugh (Mathematics Teachers) attended the Webinar on 'Practicals on Applied Mathematics Using Spreadsheets' from 14th May to 19th May, 2020. It was organised by Mathematical Sciences Foundation (MSF). The Webinar was about exploring more about data analysis with the help of Spreadsheets (Excel). Both the teachers received the participation certificates.


A webinar on how to improve writing was organized by Fairgaze and was attended by Nursery and Primary department teachers of our school on 12 May 2020. The teachers were given some useful tips on how to use pen/pencil in a correct way. Discussion on cursive writing was also taken up in the workshop.


Sports Authority of India (SAI) organized a refresher online training for trainers who had participated in Training of Trainer Program under Khelo India Fitness Assessment Program.The workshop aimed at making India fit and opportunity to optimally utilize the lockdown period. The sports department teachers attended this training from 8 to 10 May 2020.


The school faculty members participated in an online workshop ‘Digi Abhyas’. The workshop was for creating an awareness about mindful usage of technology specially during the time of pandemic when every work was being done online. It was a great way of reaching out to more parents and students and telling them to make best use of technology and decrease screen time. The teachers got participation certificates.


Teachers S.D.P.S. attended a live webinar on the topic ‘Finding calm and compass to creating goals on 4 May 2020. It was an online session by expert Ms. Eitu Vij Chopra who is a motivational and life skill coach. She shared her valuable suggestions and techniques on how to help students create their achievable and attainable goals.


Our teachers Ms. Deepika Vadera and Mr.Sunil Badoni attended a webinar on Art of Origami on 2 May 2020. It was organized by Fairegaze and the topic was ‘Paper Magic’. Webinar facilitator Ms. Asha Gulati, a renowned origami artist gave hands on experience to the teachers.


The staff members of the school attended an online workshop "Happy Classrooms" by Mr. R.K. Srivastava on May 1, 2020. The resource person shared excellent resources for teachers available on you tube and stressed on story telling as an excellent tool of learning. He also shared theories, methods and innovative techniques of teaching.

Reimagining the ‘English’ classroom presented on the behalf of KARADI PAT

The primary teachers Ms Akansha and Ms. Archana attended the workshop Reimagining the English Classroom.Mr C.P Vishwanath , the CEO of Karadi Path education company, interacted through series of interactive excercises and discussions, the workshop presented the need to identify effective, interactive technology based module that develops creative and critical thinking skills. They introduced a methodology to deconstruct the way in which the language is taught in classrooms.The workshop presented some new insights into linguistic intelligence, the process of learning and language acquisitions.

Behavioural Assessments among Adolescents

The workshop was organised for the teachers by the school about how to assess the behaviour of the adolescents.The Resource person discussed the better and quick identification of children” behavioural and developmental problems and how the problems need to be solved keeping in view what the children at this age go through and how they would appreciate their problems to be solved.

Performance Enhancement Workshop (Geography) by DAV Centre for Academic Excellence for teachers of classes XI and XII of DAV schools - Delhi and NCR on 6th July, 2019

Mr Suryaveer Singh, PGT Geography, was invited as a Resource Person for conducting 1-day Performance Enhancement Workshop (Geography) by DAV Centre for Academic Excellence (DAVCAE) for teachers of classes XI and XII of DAV schools - Delhi and NCR on Saturday, 06 July 2019. The workshop was organised at Darbari Lal DAV Model School, ND Block, Pitampura and he was welcomed by Ms. Anita Wadehra Principal of the school by presenting a plant sapling. The agenda for the workshop included topics regarding innovative and effective teaching learning and question papers setting incorporating new changes in CBSE marking scheme. As an expert in ‘Application of ICT in Geography and Integration of ICT in classroom practices’ his guidance benefited the teachers attending the workshop, resulting in enhancement of their performance.

Art Integration in Mathematics

A workshop on Art Integration in Mathematics was organised at S.D.Public School on 27 June 2019 for Mathematics teachers.Teachers from various schools attended the workshop conducted by the experts of MSF Team.The workshop was extremely well received by the teachers and they learnt different activities through which they could integrate art in teaching of mathematics. Various hands on sessions were held on origami,tesselations, tangrams,curve stitching and symmetrical art forms.

Introduction to Cloud Learning in Education

To give exposure to new innovative ideas in technology ,teachers of SDPS were trained for O365 usage.They learnt about accessing and editing Microsoft Office Files and introduced about Microsoft Teams.Microsoft Teams has unique features for team work.Homework,assignments and worksheets can be shared with students as per their need anytime.They were introduced about Microsoft Educator Community which is a Global Platform for educators to share resources.

“Basic Genetics and molecular Biology”

Sonia Bobal PGT Biology attended a two day workshop on “Basic genetics and molecular biology” on 29 and 30 May 2019 at ICAR National institute for plant biotechnology, Pusa Campus New Delhi. The workshop was organized by XV Genetics Congress trust at ICAR and teachers from different schools were given exposure to the latest techniques and processes used in biotechnological labs. They were given an opportunity to interact with the professors and scientists working at NBIT and was very enriching experience.

capacity building programme on Joyful Teaching and Learning of Mathematics

In learning you will teach and in teaching you will learn. SD Public School Pitampura organised a capacity building programme on Joyful Teaching and Learning of Mathematics in collaboration with CBSE from 23-24 May,2019.The Chief guest for the event was Dr. Biswajit Saha,Director at CBSE and guest of honor was Mr. Pramod Kumar, Joint Secretary (Academics) at CBSE. The eminent resource persons were Ms. Ishita Mukherjee, Ms. Sangeeta Gulati, Mr. Amit Bajaj,Mr.Rajesh Thakur , Mr. Sanjay Sinha ,Ms. Anita Sharma and Mr. Rahul Safot. Teachers from various schools from Delhi NCR attended the workshop and learnt innovative ways of teaching maths through various hands on sessions.Sessions included Ice breaking and Introduction, Innovation in Mathematics, Recreational Mathematics,Learning from History Of Mathematics, Handling Common Errors and Difficult Concepts and using IT in teaching mathematics.Innovative and joyful activities were discussed for teaching mathematics. Hands on sessions on tessellations,mathsgames and geogebra were held. The workshop was a great success and opened the doors to make maths joyful. The day ended with honouring the participants with a certificate. 24 May

Seminar on International Day for Monuments and Sites

A seminar was organized by Confederation of UNESCO Clubs and Associations of India (CUCAI) at UNESCO house, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi on 18th April 2019, to observe the ‘International Day for Monuments and Sites (18th April)’. Two teachers from the Social Science Department, Ms. Kavita Jain and Ms. Vandana Gupta attended the seminar. Representatives from UNESCO and Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) addressed the audience. They provided information about the diversity of cultural heritage in India and the status of World heritage properties in India. They also made the audience aware about the lesser known heritage sites in India and the benefits of World heritage Status. A discussion was also done on the efforts that are required to protect and conserve the monuments and sites in India. The organisers also provided a platform whereby school children can participate in various activities related to heritage and suggested ways by which schools can also contribute in protecting monuments in their localities.

Bringing Coding to your classrooms…

Our school teachers Ms. Gitanjli Goyal and Ms Neeru attended a workshop in S D Public School, Punjabi Bagh on 29 December, 2018. The workshop was organized by Google. This program designed to introduce coding and computer science to students from classes 4-8 in a collaborative and creative environment. They describe the working of software SCRATCH (a blocks-based programming language). Which is an ideal tool for teaching kids how to code in a creative manner.

Workshop on Early Childhood Care and Education

On 6th Oct 2018, our nursery teachers Ritu Gupta and Ved Dhingra attended the workshop based on the theme early childhood care and education .It was an activity based workshop.Different topics were explained through demonstration using different teaching aids like flash cards , pictorial books . Overall it was a good learning experience for the teachers..

Capacity Building Program on Accountancy by CBSE

Capacity Building Program for 2 days on Accountancy was conducted by CBSE at PRESIDIUM PUBLIC SCHOOL. It was attended by RAJIV MEDIRATTA & MS POOJA on 14 & 15 SEPT 2018. RESOURCE PERSONS. Dr.Sherawat (CBSE) The main emphasis of workshop was to enrich Teachers with latest changes in Curriculum. All the chapters were discussed with special reference to NCERT WITH CHANGES incorporated by CBSE.

Economics workshop by Professor J.P.Goel

Economics workshop was conducted by Professor J.P.Goel on 4th August ,2018 at Sadhu Vaswani International School for Girls . It was attended by our Economics Teachers Ms. Mukesh Dagar and Mr. Bhupender. The main focus of workshop was “How to teach Micro Economics to class –XI.” Topics discussed in were ;Demand, Quantity demanded ,Elasticity of demand ,GDP ,What is included and excluded in GDP ,Investment-Autonomous and Induced etc. Some interesting activities were conducted to make the teaching of Economics more effective and interesting.


On 29th June 2018, NLP workshop was conducted for the teachers at SDPS, Pitampura. Prof. Umesh Arya was the cherished guest for the workshop and shared his opinions and findings on REVIVING HAPPINESS AND REMOVING SUBCONSCIOUS RE IMPRINTS OF FAILURE, DERISION & PAINFUL MEMORIES. The session began with the thought provoking questions like How our beliefs are formed? , Who are responsible for their formation? Whether our beliefs makers help us in making it positive or negative? etc. This was followed by programming session where teachers were helped in learning techniques which helped them in overcoming anxiety and stress effortlessly. Demonstrations were given by the guest in learning these techniques. The session awakened and made the teachers more conscious and gave them confidence in believing that they are the creator for their past, present and future, it is in our hands to make our life fill with bright or dark colours. Overall it was an enriching experience for all the teachers.

OMG! Promoting Child Safety Online Empowering Future Digital Citizens

UNESCO with the technical support of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) and other partners organised one day conference titled OMG! Promoting Child Safety Online Empowering Future Digital Citizens on Thursday 28th June, 2018 at UNESCO Auditorium, Chanakyapuri. Our teachers Ms. Gitanjli Goyal & Ms. Gurvinder Kaur attended the workshop. The conference provided an opportunity to build awareness about the need for Child Safety Online by bringing in international perspectives on the subject.


Workshop was organised by CBSE in DAV School, Sec-7, Rohini on topic of “Capacity Building on Life Skills” on 28th April, 2018. Mr Anil Kumar and Ms Heena Bajaj participated in this workshop. The workshop was focused on life skills of students on adolescent level. There were two Resource Persons who delivered lectures from 9:30- 5:00. The resource person was Ms. Indu Khetrpal and Ms Rashmi Malik, Principals Salwan Public School. Ms Keterpal emphasized on main life skills mentioned in the manual. She shared many activities related to life skills and demonstrated in effective manner. She did role play activities and practically introduced all life skills to participants. Ms Malik gave a session of relaxation and meditation. Ms Keertpal shared some handouts of activities with us. The workshop was effective and meaningful.

Capacity Building Programme For Class IX English by CBSE

Two of our teachers Mrs.Madhu Goel and Mrs. Gayatri Bhasin attended a two days workshop-a Capacity Building Program for class IX English organised by CBSE at Maharaja Agarsain, Ashok Vihar on 23 and 24 April. The instructor,Ms. Ruchi Sengar discussed the general objectives listed in the class IX curriculum and focussed on the use of activity based methods in the classroom.Many activities were shared by the instructor to make the teaching interesting and effective.

Training session on MS-Tools

Our school teachers Ms. Mukta and Ms. Anamika conducted a training session to develop and foster educational excellence and opportunity for all learners through collaboration and leadership. All the staff members of SDPS ,Punjabi Bagh were trained to use MS-Tools.


All the staff members of S.D Public School were trained by the MIEE’s Ms. Anamika,Ms. MUkta and Ms. Gunjan on how the different Tools can be used to enhanced the teaching process. All the members actively participated in training session and joined the educator community globally.

Stress Management Session for All Staff Members

Workshop for teachers was organized on 29-06- 2017 and 30-06- 2017 in School Premises on different topics in which presentation was given on Stress Management by Ms Heena Bajaj. This session included how to manage stress in our day to day life and different ways of dealing with stress. It also included various sources of stress and different strategies to cope with stress.