Resource Management

Resource Management


Our School always stays ahead in all conservation practices . We save rain water for future use. Two large water tanks have been constructed in the school premises of capacity 1636.78 cubic feet and 1640 cubic feet which collect the run off during rain and prevent it from going into drains. As a result ,children are made aware about the benefits of conservation of our natural resources. This system encourages environment sensitive attitude in the next generation.

Under ground water tank has been constructed to store drinking water supplied by Delhi Jal Board. This water later on moves to the overhead tanks for supplying in the whole School .Water is not directly sent to the overhead tank to allow heavy matter such as soil and sand to settle down and clean water is supplied. There are three such tanks of capacity worth 6000 litres each.


Installed in our school educate our students about the benefits of paper recycling and how it benefits us and our environment .Children enthusiastically learn to process and create beautiful sheets with great zeal.


Initiative of installing the composter in school campus is just a step ahead as recycling has become a part of our school's culture. All the biodegradable wastes from school garden and canteen land in the composter for composting which is an environmental friendly way to deal with waste. .Compost as a finished product enhances the quality of soil and plants of the school garden and the process provides educational opportunities that promote sustainable practices.


Solar energy is a renewable free source of energy that is sustainable and totally inexhaustible, unlike fossil fuels that are finite. It is also a non polluting source of energy and it does not emit any greenhouse gases while producing electricity.

We had installed solar plants of capacity 70 kwatt in June 2018 which started producing solar energy in Aug. 2018 and have produced 179 MWh till date. CO2 of 142 tons have been avoided till date hence stepping towards a greener future.