Social Scince Activity

Social Scince Activity

Activity -1: Celebration of Constitution Day on 26.11.2020

An important part of the celebrations on the Constitution Day is the reading of the Preamble to the Constitution and reaffirming our commitment to uphold its ideology.

This year, the Hon’ble Prime Minister led the reading of the Preamble at 11 A.M. on 26.11.20 All the students joined from their respective locations. Various activities like Oath taking, Poster making and movie presentation took place.

Activity- 2:

Our school students have participated in COVID -19 MUN( Model United nation) online conclave program and successfully competed with many schools under the guidance of Ms Nisha sharma in which

  1. Amartya got 2nd high Commendation in WHO body
  2. Jayati got 3rd position in UNGA body

Activity- 3

Lockdown cofinded us physically but couldn't restrict our educational journey based on excursion for this we chose virtual platform and successfully completed our 'Delhi Darshan tour'.

Edu-trip to Fire Station 15th July, 2019

A visit to the Fire Station is an exciting experiential way of learning about fire safety and the role of Firefighters in our community and thanking them for keeping us safe. The Students of Sr. Secondary wing of SDPS, Pitampura visited the local ‘Fire Station’ to get first hand learning about fire safety i.e. Fire prevention, What to do in case of a fire?, Firefighters are community helpers, Equipment and gear. This Edu-trip was aligned to the ongoing themes of the respective sections. The students got a chance to see a firefighter in his full gear. They got hands-on experience on Fire Safety and watched the live use of fire truck. It was a fun-filled, interactive and informative trip and the firefighters gladly answered any queries that the students had. The pupils and staff would like to take this opportunity to thank the Roop Nagar fire station and their staff for a very informative and fun day out.

Visit to Red Fort - International Museum Day

Recently our students and our teachers Ms. Nisha Sharma,Ms. Vandana Gupta and Mr. I.K.Mangla visited one of the top historical monument and its museum the on the occasion of International Museum day , known for the majestic dynasty.i.e Mughal dynasty. It is none other then the red tomb stone, gigantic structure famously known as the Red fort of India. Students were curious to know the glorified history of India and learnt so many things in the educational tour. During the tour,students participated in painting competition held inside the premises of Red fort and it was mesmerizing to see the enthusiasm of the young ones showcasing their talent in vivid forms.

Observance of International Day for Monuments and Sites (18th April)

A seminar was organized by Confederation of UNESCO Clubs and Associations of India (CUCAI) at UNESCO house, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi on 18th April 2019, to observe the ‘International Day for Monuments and Sites (18th April)’. Two teachers from the Social Science Department, Ms. Kavita Jain and Ms. Vandana Gupta attended the seminar. Representatives from UNESCO and Archeological Survey of India (ASI) addressed the audience. They provided information about the diversity of cultural heritage in India and the status of World heritage properties in India. They also made the audience aware about the lesser known heritage sites in India and the benefits of World heritage Status. A discussion was also done on the efforts that are required to protect and conserve the monuments and sites in India. The organisers also provided a platform whereby school children can participate in various activities related to heritage and suggested ways by which schools can also contribute in protecting monuments in their localities.


The students of class X prepared beautiful display boards on the TOPIC- CURRENT HAPPENINGS-as a part of their subject enrichment activity. The display of boards was followed up by conduction of VIVA to assess the student knowledge about the content matter and the associated current happenings related to the chosen topics.


The social science department of SDPS participated in an government initiative under which they conducted a survey on the eating habits of the children. The students and their parents were asked to fill a questionnaire and on the basis of their responses the teachers compiled a report which highlighted the preference of children and the role of their parents in shaping their eating habits. The reveals were shocking as majority of the students preferred processed food over home-cooked food as they were unaware about the ills of consuming the same. Thus, an awareness campaign was carried out to educate the students of the school.

SVEEP programme of the Election Commission of India

S.D.Public School, BU Block, Pitampura Delhi, conducted the administration of the pledge to the students on 10th October, 2018 at 10:10 am in order to sensitize India’s future voters/new voters regarding the importance of voting. All students and staff of the school enthusiastically took the pledge and realised that as responsible citizen of this great democracy they must fulfill their duties with utmost sincerity and commitment. No of students participated: 1580, No of Staff participated: 75


Students of class VI participated in the hands on activity in which they prepared seals of the Harappan civilisation. The objective of the activity was to create a kinesthetic experience for the children which makes learning fun and brings out better understanding of the cirriculum.


Trips and excursions are a perfect way to expand a ones horizon. Thus, Archaeological Survey Of India celebrated Heritage Week from 19th to 25th November 2017 for the students of class VI-IX at UNESCO World Heritage site -Qutub Minar and Humayun Tomb. The week solemnized the talent of the students by organizing drawing competitions along with a very informative sightseeing of the complex.The rationale of this event was to engage students with people, places and buildings in new ways.It was a hands-on learning experience for the students.


On 17th November 2017, class IXth indulged in kinaesthetic learning experience i.e. learning by doing. The students in a group of five prepared the pin boards on the topic Road safety. The activity intended to sensitize the students about how to be safe on roads, streets, in the school, market. Evaluation of the activity was done in the form of a viva to justify the relevance of student learning from the activity.


Aspiring minds of SDPS brought out the sense of acclaim and acknowledgement towards our community helpers in the fancy dress competition organised for students of class III on 18the September 2017. The aim of the competition was to sensitise the students about the dire need and importance of different helpers. The students through the role play conceded the prominence of all the helpers whose presence makes a country's functioning smooth and effortless.


On 21st July 2017 the students of our school attended a road safety awareness campaign conducted by Sh. Amulya Ptanaik.The objective of the workshop was change the attitude and conduct of the Indian road users.It also aimed at tutoring the students about the various prudent ways to increase the awareness about the road safety measures amongst the people.As correctly said-personalised professional learning authentically enables nurturing of the next generation.Overall it was a great learning experience for all.