International School Award 2018-21 from British Council for the second time in a row.

School has been successful in gaining the International School Award from British Council for the second time and is accredited again for the period 2018-21. The Award was formally presented to the school Principal Ms Anita Sharma and ISA Coordinator Mr Suryaveer Singh in a ceremony held at Delhi on 5th December, 2018. School Management and Principal sent their special congratulations to the staff and students of the school who have worked so hard to co-ordinate and complete such an impressive range of work and noted that they are a credit to the school and the wider community. Under this project students gained and learnt various values like inter-personal skills, team spirit, cross cultural acceptance and global citizenship. The school witnessed a colourful bonanza of activities on the themes like Miracle herbs, Road to Safety, Street smart Kids, Accessible world, Patriotism beyond boundaries, waste management and cyber wellness. The International School Award is yet another milestone in the school's journey towards excellence.

Skype with Yewchung International School, Beijing, China

Road accidents do happen in countries all over the world but the major factor of Road accidents varies from nation to nation and region to region. In India, lack of Education and awareness plays major role in road mishaps. Besides this there are other factors which are purely related to the design and other mathematical aspects of the road. Students of S.D. Public School worked intensively on the project, “Mathematical Approach to understand Global issues in order to create sustainable environment“. We specifically selected the very concern of our modern society and that is “Road Safety”. A lot of brain storming was done, a variety of approaches were discussed, before proceeding with a final format of studying the issue of roads safety in Japan, China, Europe, America etc. Under this project, did comparative study and listed out the problems related to traffic management and safety measures that could be set up in those areas. They interacted with students and teachers of a partner school in China and shared their work through Skype and e mail exchanges. The students prepared models representing an alternative plan for any problematic road design. As a part of this project, I have also learned various aspects and mathematics behind designing and construction of roads. Overall, it was a very enriching experience for students as well as teachers. - Ajay Marwaha PGT & HOD Mathematics

British Council International School Award 2018-21

We are delighted to inform you all our parents, students, teachers, supporting staff and other stakeholders that our school has been successful in gaining the British Council International School Award and is accredited for the period 2018-21. The Award will be formally presented to our school in a ceremony later this year.

Injury gives your tears whereas safety cheers

Our school had taken up an inter school collaborative project on the Theme "Mathematical Approach to understand global issues in order to create sustainable environment". Under this project, the students of our school made a study of various road designs of our country and compared these designs with the designs of other countries such as UAE, China and Australia etc. After doing the comparative study, students listed out various problems related to road designs, safety measures and the traffic rules and regulations in our country with the help of a power point presentation. Keeping in mind the above problems, our students selected a particular problematic neighbourhood area and worked on that area. They studied about the problems related to traffic in that area and the causes of that traffic problems. Then they gave some suggestive measures to improve the traffic situation in that area and presented their suggestive measures through a model. Our students also interacted with international schools of China and Australia through skype sessions and Email exchange.

British Council International School Award 2018-21

We started our joyful journey with British Council ISA way back in 2014-15. This is our second opportunity to be associated with them. We came back again because this partnership gave fruitful paybacks in terms of increased global outlook, better equipped teachers and staff members in dealing with growing segregation amongst societies/countries. Our school, developed various action plans to implement international activities in our curriculum throughout the year 2017-2018. The British Council International School Award (ISA) activities helped our school in gaining an outstanding level of interaction and support for nurturing global citizenship in young students as well as enriching teaching and learning processes. We collaborated with overseas schools to create a rich learning experience for our students through use of ICT. This opportunity, came handy and students gained many skills in real context such as problem-solving or communication skills. This project was made possible with the support of school Principal Ms. Anita Sharma and untiring students, parents, teachers and supporting staff of the school who worked tirelessly before and after school hours.

British Council International School Award - 2015-18.

S. D. Public School, Pitampura works on the ideas of Vedanta providing value based education and Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – meaning the world is one family that is rooted in our cultural heritage. Thus our Mission is to make school a learning community of 21st Century who are skilled as responsible global citizens, open to all information, aware of all happening and yet focused to their goals. Our school has been successfully awarded with the British Council International School Award for the period 2015-18. The International School Award (ISA) is a benchmarking scheme that accredits schools as having an outstanding level of support for nurturing global citizenship in young people and enriching teaching and learning. Our school collaborated with overseas schools to create a rich learning experience for our students through use of ICT. Our school has been at the front line in the creative pedagogical practices and real context for learning. This award is indeed the reflection of the same.

International Policy of the school

Our mission is to empower the young minds with knowledge, reasons, life skills, self-beliefs, ethics and patriotism. We want to be a contented, compassionate, and happy community where each child will eventually become a progressive and sensitive human being. Everyone will be supported, nurtured and inspired to be the very best they can be. For those who are known as magnanimous, the entire world constitutes but a family. Ancient Indian civilization stressed on "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" a Sanskrit phrase which means "the world is one family". The statement is not just about peace and harmony among the societies in the world, but also about a truth that somehow the whole world has to live together like a family. -Promote a sense of global identity. -Appreciate the richness and diverse heritage of the world. -Understand complex international inter-dependencies. -Acknowledge that we are not alone on this planet.

Good Fences without boundaries

On 05th August, 2017 SD Public School, Pitampura conducted ‘Flag Making Activity ‘on the theme Patriotism Beyond Boundaries. Under this activity tiny tots prepared flags of different countries like France, Finland, Bangladesh, Qatar, Canada and USA with their parents using different art styles like tearing and pasting, cotton dabbing, thumb printing etc. Many parents came forward and participated with zeal. Further the flags were displayed and discussion on the same was done regarding their significance etc. Power Point presentation on these countries was prepared and their national anthems were also heard. The students were given the message Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam through this activity. Parents felt elated when they participated with their kids. Kid’s happiness went beyond boundaries when they made flags with their parents. Overall the activity provided an enriching experience to parents and kids which helped in opening their horizons of learning.